The SafeShore Edge

The SafeShore Edge is the middle market expansion of SafeShore. It allows SafeShore to fill the gap for risks that do not fit the Mutual, but have exceeded the traditional maximums of SafeShore.

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  • Exceed the current SafeShore Guidelines of $100,000 in Longshore premium or $1,000,000 of Longshore payroll
  • Do not fit the Mutual qualifications
  • All classes of Longshore accounts are eligible EXCEPT for Diving Contractors, Ship Breakers, Labor Providers and Demolition by Explosives
  • Available in all states & including monopolistic
  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act
  • State Act Workers Compensation (in all states except monopolistic)
  • Defense Base Act – in non-war hazard locations
  • Maritime Employers Liability
    • Hard, Soft or anything in-between at a $1,000,000 limit
    • US or Worldwide coverage
    • DOHSA, In Rem, Gulf of Mexico, and all other needed endorsements
    • Option to endorse to cover work on owned/operated vessels
  • Is Non-assessable
  • For most risks rates can be offered split or composite for all Longshore classes in a single state or across all states! Your choice!
  • The rating of SafeShore Edge is a unique blend of the Class rating you have been used to with SafeShore, and a Pure Loss Cost rating; merging the wizardry of an e-commerce engine with real human underwriting judgment
  • Longshore and MEL rates are not bound to some arbitrary filings or rulemaking process, but to the real nature of the risk and its history
  • This program is being offered at an increased commission of 7.5% on the Longshore and MEL sections only. (the State Act section is at 4%)
  • Or can be offered net of commission if you are on a fee basis with your client, just tell us up front which option you want
  • Option 1 - 20% or 25% down (based on risk profile) and 8 monthly payments
  • Option 2 - 25% down with monthly self audit
  • All payments can be made by ACH or Wire Transfer
  • Signal loss control will review the safety program of the insured with an on-site visit and recommend improvement to help the insured reduce their claims frequency and severity
  • Access to Signal Safety Seminars which are conducted across the country every year
  • Access to the Website Resources of Signal Safety, including marine industry specific toolbox talks, video library and other training resources